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Marketplace Forum Rules
« on: May 07, 2007, 05:02:37 PM »
This is a public forum for residents of Amberleigh Village, West Lafayette, Indiana.  This Marketplace forum is intended as a place where Amberleigh Village residents can post personal items that they may occasionally have for sale or want to buy, and to exchange services.

Please do not post any business or commercial advertisements here! 

Business or commercial advertisements, and posts by anyone who is not an Amberleigh Village resident, will be removed and the user who posted the advertisement will be banned from the forum.

The Community Forums are not an official communication channel of the Amberleigh Village Homeowners Association, Inc.  Officers of the association do not regularly read or monitor this forum.  Please do not expect an official response to anything that is posted here.  If you wish to contact the Officers of the Amberleigh Village Homeowners' Association, Inc., please see our Contact Information in the Corporate Information section of this forum.

All official announcements from the Association will be posted in the News and Updates section of this forum.
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