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Author Topic: WLPD: Burglaries in the area  (Read 2781 times)

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WLPD: Burglaries in the area
« on: August 29, 2013, 07:12:46 PM »
Dear neighbors,

The AV HOA received an alert from the West Lafayette Police Department today about a new rash of burglaries in the area. Here is the message from Captain Sparger:

Quote from: Captain Sparger
    I need to make your neighborhood aware that we have a new
    group of burglars working the north end of our city. The
    latest group is entering unsecured patio doors during the
    overnight hours and taking electronics and currency while
    families are in the house sleeping.
    We are working these cases from several different angles but,
    the neighborhood shood be very vigilant in locking the houses
    at all times. I would also suggest drawing the blinds at the
    patio doors before retiring for the night.
    In addition to the above, please call WLPD immediately if
    residents see anyone in the neighborhood who doesn't belong.
    If residents hear anything unusual at night, call immediately.
    Some burglary victims have seen and heard suspicious things
    before becoming victims and just didn't call the police.
    Thank you,
    Captain Gary Sparger
    West Lafayette Police

Here is another suggestion from a previous conversation that I had with Captain Sparger: Keep you outside lights on at night. This makes it harder for potential burglars to hide near your house in the dark.
Bill Warner, AV Forum Administrator

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