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Author Topic: Vandalism in our Neighborhood  (Read 1708 times)

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Vandalism in our Neighborhood
« on: April 13, 2012, 04:41:41 PM »
Neighbors, we are writing to you for several reasons-

The first, is to make you aware of recent acts of vandalism to one of your neighbor's home.  In late March, there were two incidents of vandalism to a home in our community.  The police are still investigating.  If found, those responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

A related point is to ask that you keep an eye out for your neighbors.  If at any anytime you see or hear something unusual, please call the police by dialing 911.  When you call the police, you DO NOT have to give your name.  Let them know what you see, hear and think is going and where.  They will come immediately.  Remember, better to be safe than sorry.  If we allow this to happen to others- unfortunately it will only get worse and it may happen to you or I next.

Another related issue is graffiti on our gazebo and around the pond area in our community.  As you may be aware we had several incidents of graffiti last year and unfortunately we have already had two additional incidents of graffiti in this very short warm weather.  Unless we all are vigilant about this it will only continue to get worse this summer.  Last year the police investigating the several incidents of graffiti noted that it was most likely teenagers committing these crimes.  Yes- graffiti is considered criminal mischief.  Parents of teenagers, please let your children know that writing on public property is a punishable crime.  The police are aware of these acts of vandalism and will be patrolling our community more often.  Overall, both Lafayette and West Lafayette police are very vigilant of graffiti in the area.  If your child is seen or suspected vandalizing community property (damaging property or writing on other's private property) the police will intervene- criminal mischief is not to be taken likely.

As a community we cannot continue to have this happen.  If we do not become more vigilant about this issue now, our community will only become worse.

We need to repaint the gazebo. If anyone can do a professional painting job or can recommend a professional painter,  we would greatly appreciate your help.

Please direct any further questions to:

Your neighbors and Board Members
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